Get to know my story

👋🏼 Hi there! Welcome to my bio page. Let me explain you how I got here and how voice over became part of my day-to-day routine.


First of all, I’m a devoted lover of radio. That’s where my “voice journey” started, some years ago. I was 11 years old when my dad took me by his hand to know the owner of the local station of our town in Alentejo, here in Portugal. I asked him to give me a two hours slot, two times per week at the station for me to do whatever I wanted to. Now, I can see how crazy that man was… He gave me what I asked for, without boundaries!


Now, I may have to tell you that my local radio station closed three months since I got there. I keep saying to myself “It wasn’t my fault”, but… No one will ever know.


I grew up working on other local radio stations across Portugal where I host all the dayparts there are. I started working on TOP FM’s nights, then moved to the afternoons, then to the evenings on 94 FM and ultimately, my journey on local stations culminated hosting the morning show at HIPER FM. It was 8 years of my life where I got the chance to work with some amazing people that gave me the tools I needed to start understanding what radio is all about.


One day the phone rang, and on the other side was the PD of MEGA HITS, the most heard TOP 40 station in the country — and most importantly, the station I grew up listening to, the one that inspired me to do all the shows I did on the stations I worked on. There was the start of something new: a nation-wide broadcast station job as host and producer, working with the people I listened to growing up. What a dream…


That’s me today! I host the afternoons (2pm to 5pm) at MEGA HITS and the station’s chart show on Sundays.


Did I forgot to tell you about my journey as a Voice Over Artist? Well, not exactly. All these years on radio let me train my voice skills, recording a ton of ads for those local stations. At some day (that I did not quite remember because, to be honest, I didn’t think it would be the start of something), the first voice over gig outside my local station came and the feeling that was see somebody’s message been given with my character on it was a really moving thing. That’s the beauty of being a Voice Over Artist to me. Get a script, understand what it means and who needs to hear it… Then land on the booth and bring it to life. That’s my jam!

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