Mega Hits

It’s been three years since I became part of the radio station I grew up listening to. So you can imagine how my inner kid gets excited, every single day. I join MEGA HITS in 2019 as a Producer and later that year I became a Presenter too. Now I’m the host of the late morning show, from 11am to 4pm.


I’m launching a digital agency. Pixelskill is all about helping brands getting the most out of technology to grow their businesses online with the best websites and apps designed for their needs, leveraging the knowledge of a team of developers, designers and digital marketing experts.

Voice Over

Being in the booth to deliver a script the way somebody once imagined it to be is one of the most challenging tasks of my work as a communicator. And I love it! Some credits to my voice include L'Oréal, Santander Bank, Duracell, Paypal, Oral-B, Jerónimo Martins, RE/MAX.

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